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So What is Green Cleaning Anyway?

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I think many Green cleaning advocates would be surprised at how many cleaning professionals still have questions aboutGreencleaning. Some think it involves just chemicals. Many are surprised of the important role cleaning equipment plays in keeping facilities Green and healthy. Anyway, to help clarify a few things, I have put together the following “Nitty Greeny,” Hope this helps:

1. Why go Green? Green cleaning products reduce cleaning’s impact on the environment and can reduce health risks for users and building occupants.

2. Are Green cleaning products always safer for the environment? No. Like all cleaning products, they must be used properly per manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Do the products perform? This can vary but by and large environmentally preferable cleaning products now perform as well as, if not better than, conventional cleaning products.

4. Are they more expensive? Again, this can vary, but any additional costs for Green cleaning products are now viewed as minor; also, Green cleaning chemicals tend to be highly concentrated, so they last longer.

5. Does Green involve just chemicals? No. Green cleaning involves all aspects of the cleaning process, including equipment. For instance, vacuum cleaners with HEPA high-filtration systems are key to a Green cleaning program and are also LEED qualifying, helping facilities seeking LEED certification.

6. How do I know it’s Green? Look for a Green label from such organizations as GreenSeal® or the EPA’s DfE program. When selecting a vacuum cleaner, look for the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

7. How do I start going Green? A Green-astute janitorial distributor is critical. These professionals guide you through your entire Green cleaning journey.

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Daniel Frimml is Technical Service Representative at Tornado Industries.

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