Cleaning Simplified with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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When I first heard about these all-purpose cleaning sponges I thought the manufacturer was overstating the case.  Magic? Really? But you know what? It’s pretty close to true. They last a long time. All you do is add a little water. And they clean so many different things well.

So simplify your cleaning and put one or two Magic Erasers in the bathrooms, kitchen, the cleaning caddy and in your car. They will replace a bucket load of other cleaners.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Remove scuff marks from floors, baseboard and even tennis shoes! Actually, they remove scuff marks on just about anything.
  • Take off chair marks, fingerprints and handprints from walls.
  • Remove mold and mildew from anything plastic.
  • Clean off magic marker, permanent marker or ballpoint ink from just about any surface.
  • Great for cleaning soap scum off the tub and shower.
  • Remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat.
  • Take off bugs from car windshield, grille and bumper.
  • Remove melted plastic (think bread bag!) from toaster, glass stove top or other appliance.
  • Remove baked on brown spots from the oven door.
  • Clean doll faces.

The beauty of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers is that they will not do harm to any surface. Therefore, you can try them for virtually anything. If for some reason they don’t work, you haven’t lost a thing.

Our housekeepers have found these to be as helpful as just about anything on the market today. So give them a try.

‘Already tried them? What was your experience?

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