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Having a Plan for Winter Floor Care

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OK, winter is fast approaching and your customers are going to want their floors safe and looking their best even during the nastiest weather.

Are you prepared for winter floor care?

We get questions every year about winter floor care.  We suggest that floors are maintained most effectively, winter, spring, summer, or fall, when a plan is instituted.

A floor care plan should include:

•              Who will be in charge of preparing the winter floor care plan?

•              What preventive measures are in place to keep floors clean, dry, and safe?

•              What floor care tasks are to be performed specifically during the winter months?

•              How often these tasks will be performed and by whom?

•              Who shall supervise this work or how will it be supervised?

•              What products, tools, chemicals, and equipment are to be used and by whom?

•              How often will the floor care plan be reviewed?

The last item is important because cleaning must always be viewed as a journey—some flexibility is required to adjust to changing times, conditions, equipment technologies, etc.

Also, the plan should be formalized by putting it in writing.  This essentially makes it a contract, helping guide store managers and custodial staff so they know what to do, when, and why.

Daniel Frimml is Technical Service Representative at Tornado Industries.

If you need help in setting up a floor program for your business, call the experts at ServiceMaster Clean today!

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