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How Steam Cleaner Machines Help in Carpet Cleaning?

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A steam cleaner has a number of different commercial and industrial cleaning uses. Many companies have made the switch from chemical cleaning agents to using a steam cleaner for a number of different reasons. For one thing, these units are completely eco-friendly, relying on nothing more than the power of super-heated steam to loosen and remove different kinds of stains and deposits. Cleaning chemicals often left behind many harmful toxins, but steam cleaning systems have no harmful environmental side effects. These units are extremely effective in cleaning as well as sanitizing and disinfecting. However, it’s important to remember that the average steam cleaning unit is only suited to certain kinds of cleaning jobs. In fact, using these units in the wrong way can result in damage to the surface being cleaned.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Many people are keen on using their steam cleaner for cleaning carpets. After all, these units are known to be extremely efficient on other surfaces and have proven to be ideal in spot cleaning upholstery, mattresses and bedding. They are the perfect cleaning unit for interior detailing jobs. Since many units have anti-bacterial sanitizing features as well as cleaning abilities, they seem to be the perfect choice for thorough, deep-seated cleaning that doesn’t rely on chemical cleaning agents of any kind.

While it’s certainly true that these machines have their own unique cleaning abilities, they are not the best choice for cleaning large stretches of carpet, as they lack the sustained cleaning power necessary for large areas.

Another thing to consider when using a steam cleaning system is the high temperatures generated. A number of carpet materials may be extremely sensitive to high temperatures. For instance, natural fibers like wool may shrink under the high heat. Certain synthetic fibers may melt when subjected to excessive temperatures. It’s also worth noting that certain stains end up binding deeper into the carpet when subjected to heat cleaning. Prior to using rug steam cleaner on a carpeted area, it’s essential to ensure that the carpet can withstand the high heat.

Spot the Difference

This does not mean that these machines cannot be used on carpets at all. On the contrary, they are the ideal cleaning machine to turn to for spot cleaning jobs. Vapor steam cleaner and rug steam cleaners offer concentrated cleaning power that focuses solely on the stain or deposit.

Just as a steam vacuum cleaner is ideal for certain industrial cleaning tasks, a steam cleaner offers optimum cleaning power for removing sticky, deep-seated stains, mixed debris deposits and even hardened sedimentation that has soaked into the carpet over a long period of time.

steam vacuum cleaner offers high-level cleaning power that doesn’t rely on chemical cleaning agents in any way. Similarly, a steam cleaner can remove the toughest kinds of dirt and deposits in a completely eco-friendly way. By opting for vapor steam cleaners or rug steam cleaners, you can depend on spot cleaning that will root out dirt right from the core, leaving behind a clean carpet.

Keep in mind carpet cleaning machines you can buy at your local retail store are for spot cleaning and/or in between professional maintenance. For the deepest cleaning you’ll want to call on the experts at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster! Give us a call at (419) 861-9602 or email

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