Building Inspection

Complete the new inspection form here: Red Cross


Floors, Carpets & Mats

Glass and Mirrors

Break Rooms, Cafeterias, Kitchens and Lounges

Appliances including Refrigerator, Microwaves and Vending Machines


Janitorial Supply and Utility Closets

Offices and Conference Rooms

Restrooms and Locker Rooms

Walkways, Entrances, Grounds

Stairwells and Escalators

Mandatory Procedures

Safety Procedures

Equipment Setup

First impression of crew: Smile, Looks Great, Polite/Positive, Great Introduction, Thank Customer, Be on Time

Outstanding Walk-Through: (Review Work Order, Listen, Explain Process, Identify Problem Areas/Observe, Set Expectations, Recommend Additional Products and/or Services Needed)

Unparalleled Cleaning Service: (Involved Customer, Respect Their Property, Move Furniture, Remove Spots & Stains, Groom Carpet, Cleaning Best Practices)

Retention Focused Close: (Post-Cleaning Walk-Through, Review Invoice, Recommendations, Leave Behinds, Thank you)

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