Production Supervisor Application [Indeed]

To avoid any delay in consideration of your qualifications, this record must be filled out completely.  In case of employment, any false statement will be considered sufficient cause for dismissal.  All new employees are hired on a trial basis.

I hereby authorize ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis or its designated representative to contact my former employer, school, university, college, or any other information source available to them to gather data on me and my business and educational life deemed necessary to act on my application for, or continuation of, employment.  The information may include, but is not limited to, military records, employment records, school transcripts, and felony records.

I willingly and freely release and hold absolutely harmless and deny any recourse on my behalf to any person, company, military, agency, school, university, college, or any other individual, agency or institution who releases or provides information to ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis or its duly authorized representatives.

I further willingly agree without recourse against ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis, or any of its authorized representatives, to submit to any test not discriminatory and not illegal to further establish my background for personnel records.

I understand that nothing contained in this Application for Employment or in the granting of an interview is intended to create a contract between me and ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis for either employment or the provision of any benefits.  I further understand that if any employment relationship subsequently is established, I will have the right to terminate my employment “at-will” at any time, and the Company will have the same right.  I understand that “at-will” means that either party may terminate the employment relationship for any reason at any time.

If required by job classification and assignment, or in the event I use a personal vehicle during the course of business, I agree to furnish ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis with certification of automobile insurance, in accordance with existing requirement, within thirty (30) days of employment.

I certify that the information contained in this Application for Employment is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that misrepresentation of the facts given in this application may be grounds for refusal to hire or grounds for termination of employment.



It is the policy and practice of ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis to recruit, hire, train and promote qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, nation origin, disability, handicap, veteran status or other areas covered by federal, state or local fair employment laws and regulations.

It is the intent of ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis to provide a work place which is free of alcohol and drugs and to take reasonable measures necessary to ensure that use of drugs or abuse of alcohol by employees does not risk the success of ServiceMaster or its operations and will not otherwise affect its employees or its customers.

ServiceMaster recognized that a successful approach to the problems attendant to drug use or abuse of alcohol require an interaction of education, assistance, deterrents, and discipline.  A consistent approach is the central component to the ServiceMaster by Park-Ellis Drug Free Workplace Program.  Confidentiality and consistency with legal, safety and security considerations also are fundamental elements of this program.


This application becomes void after 60 days unless renewed.




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