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Could Your Learning Environment Be Greener, Cleaner and Healthier?

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Probably.  And in several states, it’s now a requirement.  That’s why so many cleaning companies now claim to have green products and services.  But finding one that is actually backed by industry green certifications is rare.  That’s where ServiceMaster Clean® can help. Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system combines advanced equipment and microfiber technologies […]


Cleaning for Health – a Summary

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The office janitor can have a significant impact on the health of employees and visitors – in dealing with indoor air quality, spread of pathogens, and chemical safety.  The real reason we clean our offices  is to protect the health and safety of our employees and visitors. Folks often fail to consider the health impact of the air one […]


Flu season again

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We’re coming up on cold and flu season again (seems to happen every year, about this time…). Besides retraining and motivating our crews on the usual restroom disinfection (we use a hospital grade quaternary ammonia product) and touch point sanitation (hydrogen peroxide based cleaner/sanitizer), we like to encourage our clients a bit on keeping their employees healthy: touch […]


So What is Green Cleaning Anyway?

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I think many Green cleaning advocates would be surprised at how many cleaning professionals still have questions aboutGreencleaning. Some think it involves just chemicals. Many are surprised of the important role cleaning equipment plays in keeping facilities Green and healthy. Anyway, to help clarify a few things, I have put together the following “Nitty Greeny,” Hope […]



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Healthier employees—your business at its best. With 30% of U.S. workers suffering from health problems caused by Sick Building Syndrome, companies are vastly underutilizing their human assets and underestimating the benefits of switching to green cleaning. With the same effectiveness as traditional cleaning, and little or no cost increase, the return on investment for switching […]


Green Cleaning!

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ServiceMaster Clean has developed the most advanced products and methods to make green cleaning as effective as traditional cleaning. And we make switching to green cleaning easy. With just one phone call, your facility can experience all the benefits of green cleaning. Just call us at 419-841-5575


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