2011 November

Gift cards work well — in most cases

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While gift cards are a popular gift for those who are hard to shop for, buyers should beware. Most of the time, thankfully, gift cards work just fine. But there are a few issues with gift cards that you should consider. Rule number one for gift cards: Use them. An estimated 5 percent of cards don’t […]


Having a Plan for Winter Floor Care

November 29, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Carpet Cleaning, Green Cleaning, News

  OK, winter is fast approaching and your customers are going to want their floors safe and looking their best even during the nastiest weather. Are you prepared for winter floor care? We get questions every year about winter floor care.  We suggest that floors are maintained most effectively, winter, spring, summer, or fall, when […]


How to Remove Stains from Hardwood Floors

November 25, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in News, Residential Cleaning

Hardwood floors are a beautiful part of any homes; however, occasionally the floors will be stained. Many homeowners think that they must resort to sanding the floors to remove the stains. This is not always true. Removing the stain depends on the type of stains present. Alcohol Stains Entertaining guests can lead to spills on […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

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We wanted to take a moment to show our thankfulness to our friends, customers, & employees. Thank you to all of you for your continued support. Don’t forget, if you need help with your after party clean up, remember to think of ServiceMaster Clean. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! – Your friends at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster


A Push For Greener Schools

November 23, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Green Cleaning, News

Research shows a clear link between poor indoor air quality,sick students and teachers, and poor academic and occupational performance. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency states that “children miss more than 14 million school days each year due to asthma exacerbated by poor indoor air quality”, which disproportionately affects low-income and minority students. Green Cleaning can […]


Vacuuming Tips: Improve Vacuuming Performance, Safety, and the Look of Carpets

November 22, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, News, Residential Cleaning

Everyone knows how to vacuum carpets, right? But do they know how to do it properly? The following vacuum cleaning tips should help improve vacuuming performance, safety, and the look of carpets: First, walk the room. Pick up pieces of debris that might harm the machine. Getting them out of the way ahead of time […]


A Few Things To Know About Carpet Cleaning And Water Damage Repair

November 21, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Carpet Cleaning, Disaster Cleanup

Carpets are important in our homes because they make the floor look attractive. They are easy to maintain if the proper techniques are used. Rugs begin to look worn out after sometime because of the daily activities. Walking, drink spills, floods and food stains can easily destroy the carpet if they are not washed. Homeowners […]


Take the Vacuum Cleaner Quiz

November 18, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Carpet Cleaning

  According to recent studies, vacuum cleaners will be the number one item purchased by in-house cleaning professionals this year.  Because of this, it might be a good idea to know a bit more about vacuum cleaners to make the most educated purchase. Answers are listed below.  Post your comments and let Park-Ellis ServiceMaster know […]


Tips on Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner

November 17, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in Carpet Cleaning

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, there are a variety of features that customers should look for to make sure they are buying a machine that meets their current needs and anticipates their future needs.  Some of these include: •    Handle weight.  For many users, the handle weight matters even more than the weight of the […]


House Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving (more tips)

November 16, 2011   ·   By   ·   No Comments   ·   Posted in News

House Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving By Tom Ross, eHow Contributor Whether guests are expected or an intimate familycelebration is planned, a clean house is essential. The bathroom, dining room, living room and kitchen are the primary rooms used by guests, with over-night guests using a bedroom. Depending on your schedule, start at least two weeks before the holiday. […]


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