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  1. Reduce slip and fall accidents
  2. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the National Safety Council, slips and falls are the third largest cause of workplace injuries and the single largest cause of Emergency Room visits. The average slip and fall injury costs $28,000. A customer, tenant or employee injuring themselves on a wet or dirty floor can have major impact on your business reputation and liability exposure. ServiceMaster Clean®, in partnership with Slip and Fall Solutions, now offers slip-resistant floor refinishing. Call on us today.

  3. Spring clean your carpet
  4. Spring showers can bring water, dirt and residue into your facility with every step. Protect your carpet investment this Spring with a carpet maintenance program, helping extend its life by up to 3 years. Successful carpet care helps keep soiling from becoming apparent and incorporates vacuuming, spot removal and periodic deep cleaning. Have your facility surveyed to identify the high, medium and low traffic areas today.

  5. GoGreen and save green
  6. Green isn’t just the color of Spring. Consider environmental impact when maintaining a clean and healthy facility. What if you could GoGreen and save money? Our exclusive Capture and Removal Cleaning® system uses innovative cleaning products, equipment and processes to set the new standard for increased efficiency and cost-savings in green cleaning. GoGreen this Spring and you’ll be blooming in new savings opportunities.

  7. Clean to prevent Spring Fever
  8. Concerned about Spring Fever in your facility? Regular cleaning of high touchpoints such as door knobs, light switches and bathroom surfaces can reduce the chance of spreading allergens, bacteria and viruses suchs as colds and flu. Encourange occupants to wash their hands frequently, use hand santizers and if they must sneeze, to do so into their elbows. ServiceMaster Clean has developed cleaning protocols to help your facility combat illnesses – we’re here to help.

  9. Be prepared when disaster strikes
  10. Spring can spawn thunderstorms, flooding and other severe weather. Who do you call with a water main leak or other catastrophic water or fire loss? ServiceMaster Clean is here to help get you back in business fast, and even help plan in advance of a disaster. Our nationwide emergency mitigation and reconstruction programs offer one of the fastest response times in the industry with the goal of returning businesses to pre-loss conditions to minimize operational and financial disruptions with just one call to 1-866-RECOVER.

For help with any of your spring cleaning needs call the experts at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster today at 419-861-9602!

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