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The more you know, the more you can help.

As the insurance agent or adjuster, you”re often the first contact for a policyholder who has experienced a disaster. You are in a unique position to put your policyholder at ease and to help minimize damage. The more you know about the disaster mitigation process and recovery, the more you can guide your client in taking the right steps to control damage – and therefore control costs.

Learn the ropes with continuing education.

ServiceMaster Clean® is an approved Continuing Education (CE) provider in 45 states. We”ve developed a curriculum that emphasizes the cost-saving benefits of quick response and correct action in five critical areas:

  • Water Damage MitigationYou”ll learn the effects of water damage on carpets, wood floors and other surfaces, and become knowledgeable about water removal processes, equipment, drying and dehumidification, mold growth, antimicrobials and odor control.
  • Smoke and Odor Damage MitigationYou”ll explore the chemistry of fire and the effects of smoke, chemical vapors and acidic gases on structural components and household contents. You”ll also learn how emergency corrosion mitigation can prevent or minimize further damage.
  • Mold RemediationYou”ll be taught about mold’s potentially harmful effects on building materials and occupants, and you”ll learn how to remove it in a safe and effective manner.
  • Restorative Structural DryingWith a hands-on approach featuring the latest equipment, procedures and recommended certifications for water extraction and structural drying, you”ll learn about such topics as the effects of water saturation, the science of drying (psychrometry), and the “restore vs. replace” decision.
  • Furniture Damage and RestorationYou”ll learn the types of damage that can happen to fine furniture and wood surfaces, and later explore the processes used to return those surfaces to a pre-loss (or better) condition while reducing the severity of the loss.

To register for CE classes in your area, call us to schedule today at 419-841-5575! It’s that easy! If there are no classes available in your area, please contact Andrea Gordon at 901-597-7366 or

The Disaster Specialist teaching the class will contact you to confirm your registration.

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