Personal Brand is Your Best Sales Tool

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Take the 10-Minute Challenge for a Greater Personal BrandFor customers to buy your cleaning services they must believe you, trust you, rely on you.

How can you demonstrate you’re all those things before they contract you?

It’s through your personal brand. Your personal brand is the accumulation of your actions, not what you tell others you’ll do – but what you actually do.

So demonstrate your reliability and trustworthiness to customers before they sign you, in the opportunities you have.

Those opportunities are returning phone calls and email promptly (not instantly, but relatively quickly).

Here’s a 10-Minute Challenge for a Greater Personal Brand. It’s something to aspire to, you’ll not be able to achieve it all the time. But trying for it will make your personal brand that much greater. And as a result, your customers will feel more comfortable selecting you as their cleaning service.

Give it a try.


Chris Arlen
Jul 19, 2011 2:39 PM




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