Six Tips on Proper Floor Care

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Here are Six Tips we provide our end users to help them maintain their customer’s floors:

1. Have a floor care plan. Proper floor maintenance requires that the duties, frequency of tasks, and other services necessary to maintain a floor are clearly outlined and formalized, by writing them down. Everyone involved in a facility’s floor maintenance should be aware of and participate in preparing the floor-maintenance plan.

2. Establish cleaning procedures. The floor-maintenance plan should also outline what kind of equipment is to be used, when floors are to be cleaned, how often they are to be refinished, and what chemicals and products are necessary to refinish them.

3. Establish expectations. The facility manager should determine how much will be invested in floor maintenance. In other words, what is the floor worth? This will help determine what kind of equipment to select along with the amount of time to spend maintaining the floor.

4. Perform preventive maintenance and daily care. Regular maintenance, including placing mats at entries, vacuuming, or dust- and damp-mopping floors regularly helps keep floors looking their best for longer.

5. Invest in high-efficiency equipment. More advanced equipment, such as automatic scrubbers, burnishers, and cylindrical machines, can significantly reduce the time needed for floor maintenance. In many situations, the cost savings on labor will pay for the machines in just a few months.

6. Train and train again. Ongoing training for all workers, supervisors, and managers is essential. Training eliminates bad habits that often develop that do not fit into the floor-maintenance plan. It also boosts professionalism and keeps the work mentally challenging.

Daniel Frimml is Technical Service Representative at Tornado Industries.

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