Park-Ellis ServiceMaster Guarantee Program

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Park-Ellis ServiceMaster will GUARANTEE your carpeted rooms you place on the Program will stay clean for a period of (1) one year from date of purchase. If the carpeted area(s) on the Program get soiled, we will return and clean the area(s) that are on the Program up to (3) three times at NO charge. The initial cleaning charge will apply during enrollment but will be waived each year thereafter with your annual renewal.


When you sign up for the Program you will receive Scotchgard® Protection for the area(s) you place on the Program at NO charge. This FREE Scotchgard® application is only valid during the initial enrollment or renewal. This is our “Gift” to you just for signing up for the Program. This will also help ensure the carpets stay cleaner longer, improve vacuum efficiency, improve chance of removing spots before they become hard to remove stains. For best results, daily vacuuming is required for optimal performance.

Initial cleaning charges apply: When you renew the Program each year, you will not be charged these fees as long as your Program has not expired.

Disclaimer: No refunds will be given if cleanings were not needed, used or forgotten about. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to schedule a cleaning if it is needed. We do not send reminders of any type.

Additional Benefits: If you sell the home you can include this program in the price of the sale to the new owners however, the program is NOT transferable to other areas of the home and/or does not apply to areas of your new home. The program also excludes cleaning after any type of water loss/damage as different cleaning procedures, products, and equipment is required.

Notes: If you decide to have Scotchgard® Protection applied during future visits additional charges will apply.


# of Areas Program Savings
2 Areas 213.60 97.40
3 Areas 268.80 123.20
4 Areas 326.40 149.60
5 Areas 381.60 174.40
6 Areas 434.40 199.60
7 Areas 484.80 222.20
8 Areas 525.60 240.40
9 Areas 559.20 256.80
10 Areas 592.80 271.20

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