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What Cleaning Method Should Be Utilised On Your Carpets

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It can be difficult with all the different options out there to know which carpet cleaning method to use to clean your carpet. Also, if you have invested in good quality carpet for your home, it is likely you are concerned that the correct method is used to clean your carpet. To help you decide what method to use. Here is a list of the different cleaning methods is easy to understand terms:

Carpet Shampoo Method

Basically a shampoo is applied to the carpet which foams up and suspends the soil in the carpet. The suspended soil is taken out of the carpet through rinsing. It must be noted that this process requires a high degree of skill and should be approached with necessary due care. If not, the pile on your carpet can be distorted.

Bonnet Pad Cleaning

This method is similar in some respects however, there is no foaming action applied to the carpet. Basically, a chemical solution is sprayed onto the carpet which is then buffed by a rayon or cotton pad. This method is usually preferred by people with busy lifestyles who require the carpet to be dried quickly. However, this certainly is not the most effective method of cleaning.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

This is certainly the most common method used in the carpet cleaning industry today. Basically the carpet is pre-sprayed with a detergent, the hot water is injected under pressure onto the carpet. This creates agitation to help take up the soil. The soil and water is almost simultaneously vacuumed of the floor to remove the soil and excess moisture.

Which Method Should I use?

It is recommended you choose a professional carpet cleaner who can recommend the best option for you. Generally they will need to have IICRC certification as a minimum and should be highly regarded in the industry. However, to give you a basic rundown, steam cleaning is useful as a restoration clean, if you don?t mind waiting longer for the carpets to dry. Carpet shampooing is not used often anymore and can leave residue in your carpet.

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