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Pet Urine Removal in Carpet

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Pet urine in carpet is difficult to remove and often times all pet urine is never removed but the majority of it is removed with proper knowledge and the right chemicals.  If your pet has tinkled in one spot and you catch it right away you should treat it with a neutral remover or a good spot remover for pet stains. Vinegar and water also works well for neutralizing the urine.

Park-Ellis ServiceMaster  supplies carpet & upholstery spot remover with most carpet cleaning packages.    Now what happens when the urine becomes to much to treat at home or with carpet spotter bottles… Call a quality professional who call remove the urine and odor associated with the spots….

How to properly remove urine from your carpet from start to finish (This is obviously after the urine has dried)

1. Find an outstanding carpet cleaner (like Park-Ellis ServiceMaster)  in your area. Read google reviews, online surveys ( of the companies work, call the IICRC or CRI.

2.Make sure to find someone that is willing to give some sort of satisfaction guarantee… yes, it will cost more but it is worth it.  Trust Me!

3.When he/she enters your home they will ask where the spots are and how long they have been an issue… This is the most important for the cleaner… BE HONEST!  It is important to let the cleaner know because removing is a sliding scale of chemical, water, time, and patience… It is a learned process so the more honest information, the better.

4. The cleaner will clean the area of everyday soil.

5.  Depending on the amount of urine the cleaner will flood the carpet and pad with urine treatment…..

6. Wait Approximately 10-30 depending on the amount of time.  Patience is key!!!

7. Carpet Flush

Urine Removal with carpet flush!

8. The carpet flush with suck out all the urine from the pad carpet from about 12-18 inches from the center of claw leaving the carpet  damp.

9. Next a fan is set on the carpet until dry.  Once Dry the carpet is treated for any other yellowish tinting…..
10. Please be aware that a slight bit of yellow will remain… Only to you though because you know where the spot was…
11.  After the cleaning have the carpet cleaner apply a carpet protector.
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