5. If a client has bed bugs, how do we get rid of them?

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There are various ways to eradicate bedbugs, but they all tend to fall into two main categories.

The old and still most common way is to use pesticides. The problem with pesticides is that some have proven to be ineffective against bedbugs and can be harmful to the user and the environment. Fortunately, there are other options that are effective as well as safe.

However, there are other options.  It really is a multistep procedure.

First, thoroughly vacuum the entire area.  Backpack-style vacuum cleaners tend to be perfect for this type of work because they are so versatile. Dispose of the filter bag immediately after vacuuming.

The next and most important step involves the use of professional steam cleaners typically marketed by janitorial distributors. Most retail or consumer steam cleaners are not appropriate for this task because they do not allow for the production of low vapor flow and high temperature, both of which are requirements to be effective against bedbugs.
Using the steam cleaners’ wand attachment, slowly clean the entire infested surface. The high temperature of this type of cleaning kills bedbugs. Pay particular attention to seams and ribbing on beds, chairs, and other surfaces.

Select a steam machine that offers a continual-flow feature, which means the machine can be filled and refilled while still in operation. This capability is critical when it comes to getting rid of bedbugs. Without this feature, users must stop, refill, and wait for the unit to reheat while cleaning. During that down period, active insects can migrate to other areas, essentially escaping from the cleaning.

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