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Affect your gross without affecting your net.

Our patent-pending Capture and Removal Cleaning system combines powerful products, advanced technologies and a high-productivity approach to create the most efficient and effective cleaning process available today.

  • More efficient.
  • Capture and Removal’s unique team cleaning process is more productive than the traditional zone method, reducing cleaning time by up to 25%. That translates into fewer hours spent in your building,which directly boosts your bottom line.

  • More effective.
  • The Capture and Removal cleaning system does exactly what it says, trapping and talking away dust, dirt and debris-as much as 55% more airbone particulates than conventional cleaning. And better indoor air quality can mean a healthier, more productive work environmental as well as reduced sick-day absences.*

    How Capture and Removal Cleaning Works

    This exclusive system employes:

  • A highly productive team cleaning process developed and perfected by ServiceMaster Clean
  • Our patent-pending dust wand and microfiber technologies that collect dust and dirt rather
    than just moving it around
  • Quiet,high-filtration vaccums that capture 99.9% of paticles smaller than one micron in size
  • Our proprietary Green for suite of cleaning products
  • * Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance, The Case of Charles Young Elementary School, Washington, D.C., Carpet & Rug Institute, January 2002.

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