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Sealing grout with a premium sealer is the only way to protect it from a water or oil-based stain. Grout is a very porous material and without the protection of a premium sealer it will be extremely susceptible to staining. A sealer will simply reduce the chance of a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of you floor or counter top’s grout lines and gives you time to clean it up before staining occurs.

After we restore your grout to its original beauty with a good deep cleaning we will offer you one of two types of grout sealers. A clear impregnating sealer or our stain proofing color sealer. By having Sierra Tile, Stone and Carpet Care seal your grout you can feel confident that your investment has been properly protected from possible future staining. No matter which sealer you choose we will only use a professional, premium grout sealer. We do not use cheap, box store sealers.

Clear Seal

We use a unique solvent-based, V.O.C. compliant fluorochemical impregnating sealer, which penetrates the grout to protect against water and oil based staining while allowing the substrate to breath properly. It is non-yellowing, long lasting and will not change the appearance of your grout. Sealing grout with a clear sealer is typically the choice when no pre-existing stains are present.

Color Seal (Stain Proofing) 

Color sealing grout provides a water-tight, stain proof layer of protection and eliminates color variations in grout due to stains, fading or damage. We can match any color grout you may have and can maintain the color uniformly from wall to wall or change to a completely new color of your choice if you choose. This process will not only restore your floors or counters to their original beauty, but with its built-in fungicides, bactericides and mildicides it insures sanitation for many years to come. This process will eliminate the chance of your grout from ever staining again and makes maintenance very simple and easy.

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