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What does your carpet manufacturer recommend?

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Many carpet manufactures recommend regular “root to tip” Hot Water Extraction (Steam) cleaning as part of the maintenance regime of their carpets.

The majority of Carpet Cleaners only provide a Light Surface Clean, otherwise known as “Dry Cleaning”.

Over time; dust, dirt and grime settles in the roots of your carpet and conventional Dry Cleaning methods are unable to penetrate deeply enough to effectively remove it all.

The Hot Water Extraction method (offered by Park-Ellis ServiceMaster) of cleaning ensures removal of even the deepest rooted dust and grime from your carpet. In addition, our method of carpet cleaning provides health benefits to you and your family by minimising dust mites which feed on dead skin scales. Dust mites and their waste can cause allergic reactions, sinusitis and other respiratory issues, especially in people who suffer from athsma.

For help with your hot water extraction (carpet cleaning) needs, call the Professionals at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster today at (419) 861-9602!

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