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How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

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Many people are not sure how often carpet cleaning is needed in their home, office or business. Carpets are designed in such a way that you often cannot decipher how dirty they actually are. Because of this, you might think you don’t have to clean your carpets very often. But in reality, your carpet has to be cleaned frequently enough that mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and other problems do not build up and cause health or safety issues.

Carpet cleaning frequency should be based upon what kind of carpet you have, how many people are walking on the carpet and the kind of business space your company owns. The colors and styles of the carpet can also influence how often you need to do cleaning on them.

Government studies have shown that when you remove carpets from buildings, people get sick four times more often. Like any filter your carpet becomes saturated and ineffective over time, creating a need for professional quality clean up. The EPA found that professional carpet cleaning actually gets carpets 1,500 percent cleaner than even vacuuming every day. The steaming hot water and special cleaning solutions used by professionals at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster kill germs and bacteria that build up in your home and keep your family from getting sick.

Clean carpets can make a customer feel safe and happy in your environment and determine the image the public has of your business and your business’ store front. Your employees might also like it if your carpets are cleaned more often as a clean workspace might make them work more efficiently and accomplish more within your business.

If you have a carpet on which customers are walking often, you might need cleaning services on a monthly basis. Other areas might be able to look great for longer periods, thus only needing professional cleaning every six months or so. Call Park-Ellis ServiceMaster today for a free estimate, and we will evaluate your carpet and give you and honest review of how often you should have your carpets cleaned. Call us at (419) 861-9602 or visit us online!

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