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Tile and Grout Cleaning for Hygiene and Sanitation

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Tile and grout cleaning equipment is used for maintaining hygiene in clubs and other commercial areas. On a busy day hundreds, even thousands, of customers handle the gaming tables and rollers, dice, cards and slot machines in a club. Poker chips in particular require added care because they pass through many hands during play. Doors, restroom fittings, chairs and other surfaces require care because they transmit germs when touched by many different people. Common bacteria found on such surfaces include staphylococcus and anthrax germs. In addition, to create a pleasant environment for customers, the floors, railings, and other surfaces in bathrooms, walkways, restaurants, and other areas must be pristine. Steam cleaners, also known as tile and grout cleaning machines, are the first step to maintaining a healthy, hygienic environment in clubs.

The Power of Steam
One way to achieve comprehensive hygiene is to use the tile and grout cleaning machine to kill germs and remove allergens from various surfaces. These steam cleaners, often employed for tile and grout cleaning, can also be used for spot-cleaning carpets and removing sugars, stain and spills. Steam cleaners use the heat of steam to dissolve dirt. While low-end steam cleaners do not reach very high temperature levels, machines meant for commercial use offer temperatures up to 386°F. Such high temperatures paired with antibacterial technologies can effectively eradicate more than 99% of common bacterial organisms found on a host of different surfaces.

These machines offer multiple benefits over home use machines such as better quality parts, durability, and continuous use. Such commercial steam cleaners should have a stainless steel boiler and a steel heating element for prolonged machine life. Stainless steel is heat and corrosion resistant and suffers less chipping and damage during use. A detachable heating element is easy to replace, while a part attached to the boiler makes it necessary to replace the entire boiler, thereby escalating costs.

Removal of Dirt, Stains and More
Tile steam cleaners remove soap scum, food stains, and beverage stains from hard surfaces. With the right anti-bacterial technologies, they can also remove molds and germs from tile and from within grout. Many users have reported that light colored tiles regain their white, shiny new appearance and lose their aged, yellow look after steam cleaning. Tile and grout cleaning machnines should be used only on non-porous tiles or sealed porous tiles. These surfaces should be scrubbed with steel wool or steel brush attachments for tile cleaners.

Steam cleaners are also used for spot cleaning seats and upholstery. These machines cannot remove heavy layers of dirt on large carpeted areas, but they are appropriate for light spot cleaning. Many steam cleaners contain special filters that retain the smallest dust or pollen particles after vacuuming and are therefore ideal for removing allergens, cigarette ash, chalk dust, and similar matter.

The best steam cleaners for clubs have large brush attachments for steam mopping the entire floor. They also include small and triangular shaped brushes for covering corners and turns. Brass, stainless steel, and nylon detail brushes should also be provided. This wide assortment of accessories will allow users to tackle a variety of applications that club maintenance workers face.

Vacuum extraction is a huge bonus, particularly as it saves the user the trouble of reaching under tables, furniture, slot machines and other equipment. Vacuum extraction removes almost all moisture and dirt during steam cleaning eliminating the need for wiping up the moisture with a towel.

For cleaning very large surfaces such as halls and long walls, hard surface cleaners with a pressure wash attachment and large, motorized spinner head are recommended. These hard surface cleaners can often be used as 5 machines in one: hard surface cleaner, pressure washer, carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and wall cleaning machine.

Because transmission of germs is a major concern in clubs, it is best to use floor steam cleaners with bacteria elimination capabilities. Some of these steam cleaning machines remove more than 99 percent of germs from the surface.

Using steam cleaner machines for club sanitization has other benefits because steam cleaners are water efficient and they rarely require detergent use.

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