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How A Carpet Shampooer can Accomplish the Impossible Cleaning Task

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Using a carpet shampooer in a residential setting is very different from using one in a commercial or industrial setting. For the most part, homes do not have to deal with a lot of dirt and debris. Unless there is a pet at home, cleaning the carpets can be a relatively easy task, requiring nothing more than the removal of elements like dust and hair. The situation is very different when cleaning carpets in commercial or industrial areas. Not only do they have to deal with various kinds of spills and sedimentation, they also have to deal with high volumes of traffic. This in itself can make carpet cleaning a very difficult task to complete.

A Simple Stain

Hotels are commercial areas that are exposed to some of the highest volumes of traffic. Not only do they have numerous people moving in and out of the building, the stream of traffic can be continuous throughout the day and the night. Consider a hotel lobby carpet where someone tracks in some sticky mud from outside. Ideally, the cleaning service should be able to bring out the carpet shampooer and remove the stain immediately. This often isn’t possible in busy areas like hotel lobbies. If the hotel is hosting a conference or welcoming a special set of guests, the lobby simply cannot be closed off so that a stain can be removed.

Since a carpet shampooer cannot be used quickly on the stain, a number of problems arise. The longer the stain is left to sit on the carpet, the deeper it will soak into the material, making it harder to remove. In high traffic areas like a hotel lobby, the stain may be walked on repeatedly, compressing it further into the carpet. It may soon attract other kinds of debris and sedimentation too. At the end of the day, what started as a simple mud stain could turn into a embedded, mixed debris mess that can be very hard to remove. With conventional cleaning methods, taking care of these kinds of stains would be next to impossible. But using the right kind of carpet cleaning unit can make even the most impossible stains disappear.

Doing the Impossible

When it comes to dealing with stain removal in high traffic areas like a hotel lobby, it’s important to invest in the right kind of carpet shampooer. Ideally, the carpet cleaners should have built-in heating elements that will inject the carpet with heated water, at temperatures up to 210°F. Prior to using these carpet cleaners, it is best to spray the area with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning agent and allow the solution to sit for about 10 minutes. The carpet extractor will then work to remove the dirt and the cleaning solution, leaving behind a clean carpet.

It is also important to invest in a carpet shampooer that does not use an excessive amount of water. Many conventional carpet cleaners use a lot of water, leaving behind a very damp carpet that can take many hours to dry out. Purchase carpet cleaning equipment that features lower water usage and higher extraction power to remove dirt and stains. This kind of carpet extractor is not only effective, it will allow the carpet to dry out completely in a short amount of time.

Such low flow technology is absolutely essential in the hospitality industry, as lobbies, guest rooms, and other areas cannot be out of service for days at a time to make room for 24 hour drying periods.

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