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Best Carpet Cleaners for Removing Dirt from Public Facilities

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Selecting the best carpet cleaners for crowded public areas, like museums or casinos, is a difficult task, given the prominence of carpet cleaning machines in the market. These types of locations attract huge crowds and as a result may gather a lot of dirt and grime. Cleaning carpets without disrupting the operations of the museum can be quite challenge. To ensure you are equipped to handle this challenge, use the best carpet cleaners designed for commercial applications. These carpet cleaners offer many advantages not found in non-commercial carpet cleaners.

The Best Carpet Cleaners Usually Have The Following Features:

  • Low Flow: Commercial carpet cleaners generally use a low flow technology. This reduces water consumption and lowers costs related to water disposal. Another advantage is that this machine reduces the drying time for carpets. Usually, carpets take 24 hours or more to dry out fully after cleaning. Low flow cuts this time down to four hours. The benefit of fast drying is that it prevents the growth of fungi or mold on the carpet.
  • Long Hose: One of the most overlooked features in the selection of industrial carpet cleaners is the hose length. If the carpet hose is too short, it will lead to decreased productivity because of the need to frequently move the machine. Pay attention to the solution as well as vacuum hoses. They should be at least 20 feet long each. Some industrial carpet cleaning machines have hoses as long as 100 feet, which can be divided into smaller lengths for smaller spaces.
  • Automatic Filling and Dumping: Industrial carpet cleaners often have a mechanism for automatically filling water tanks and emptying waste water from disposal tanks. By eliminating the need for the operator to keep filling and emptying the solution and disposal tanks, the carpet cleaning process becomes faster and saves on manpower. This is particularly efficient in facilities with expansive carpeted areas to clean, as in museums and casinos.
  • High Temperature: It is not necessary to use a hot-water carpet cleaner, but heated devices usually make the best carpet cleaners. The best carpet cleaner may reach temperatures of up to 210°F. Hot water is more capable of removing grease, stains, molds, and dirt than cold water. This does not mean non-heated machines should be avoided. If carpets don’t soil too much or become greasy only occasionally, it would be a good idea to invest in a non-heated carpet shampooer. A non-heated machine costs less than a machine with a heating device. It can use hot water for cleaning although it cannot heat water. In addition, all carpets cannot be cleaned with hot water; expensive carpets are often discolored by too much heat.
  • Design: Most carpet cleaning machines have a wand attachment. The wand’s dimensions depend on its application. Upholstery wands are smaller while carpet wands are larger. For cleaning museums, you could also use a walk-behind type carpet shampooer. This machine cuts a wide path during cleaning and is primarily used in areas with a high frequency of pedestrians. A 12″ adjustable head wand is yet another option to use in museums. These advanced wands form a tighter seal with carpet surfaces for better extraction and faster cleaning.

Carpet steam cleaner and non-heated carpet cleaning machines should be chosen with care to ensure they last long and provide smooth service.

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