Housekeeping Tips

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Cleaning Showers & Tubs in a Flash Master Baths Faster Bathrooms get messy fast, but there’s no reason you have to spend all your spare time scrubbing them. For tried-and-true tips to speed up bathroom cleaning, benefit from the extensive experience of the cleaning gurus at Park-Ellis ServiceMaster. Stay a Step Ahead Keep a squeegee […]


Summer Auto Scrubber Care

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After a rough winter and busy spring, some cleaning professionals have a little time off now to take care of the equipment that has served them so well…especially auto scrubbers. Depending on their size, auto scrubbers are virtually small cars with parts that should be maintained to increase their usefulness and longevity. The following are […]


Cleaning in the Hands of Amateurs

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I have a couple friends who are teachers, and even more who are parents. Both, I am told, have received requests from their local schools to bring cleaning supplies at the start of the school year. Teachers have been told by their administration that funding just isn’t there for smaller budget items, including microfiber cloths […]


Personal Brand is Your Best Sales Tool

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For customers to buy your cleaning services they must believe you, trust you, rely on you. How can you demonstrate you’re all those things before they contract you? It’s through your personal brand. Your personal brand is the accumulation of your actions, not what you tell others you’ll do – but what you actually do. So […]


Here is a great read posted from our friends at Nextraq

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Case Studies: Great for your Customers and SEO As we’ve discussed in a previous post, case studies are a great way to reach your customers. I’ve talked about the pros of of a case study, but today I want to share ways you can get the most benefit for both you and your subject. Try and keep […]


Case Study from Discrete Wireless

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Park Ellis ServiceMaster Reduces Fuel Costs by 10 Percent with the MARCUS Fleet Tracking Solution Residential and commercial cleaning and restoration company increases driver productivity by 20 percent with MARCUS Drive while improving customer service Challenge: Established in 1963, Park Ellis ServiceMaster, a full service cleaning and disaster restoration company, needed a GPS fleet tracking […]


Holiday Specials!

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Our new coupons will be sent out next week in your monthly Valpak just in time for the holidays and let me tell you, they are better than ever!  There are several great specials including 1week of FREE janitorial services, FREE carpet cleaning , one FREE hour of general cleaning, and much more! Be on the […]


NOW AVAILABLE just in time for The Holidays

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We have added a great new feature for all of our friends that need professional cleaning products.  Customers love our FiberFresh product line including spot removers, carpet cleaners, etc.  Take a look and let us know what you think of our new store! We also need your help, please help us spread the word by suggesting us […]


Saving Money By Forgoing Housekeeping

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The recession has forced custodial managers in the hospitality industry to get creative with budgets. Most departments have already been cut to the extreme and function using only a skeleton crew, so it makes sense when frequency is scrutinized. For example, in many hotels, it was decided that guests would be offered the option to […]


Hospitality Cleaning

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Hospitality Cleaning When your facility needs to make a presentation, call on ServiceMaster Clean.Maintaining a clean and polished image to guests and patrons is imperative in the hospitality industry. From gleaming hard-surface floors and well-maintained carpets to clean guest rooms and PTAC units, ServiceMaster Clean serves thousands of hospitality facilities across the nation.ServiceMaster Clean offers […]


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